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Maya Sweat Lodge

Maya Sweat Lodge

10_Self Cleasing
04_Carry Water
03_Copal Cleanse
06_Steam Tea
07_Herbs Cenote
09_Fire Cleansing
08_Water Cleansing
01_Arrival Crosses

The photographs in these compositions were made in Mexico in 2011, while visiting a sweat lodge organized around cleans-ing rituals, practices and knowledge passed down through generations.

The Quad Format:

I often build photo montages within a square, quadrantal format, a technique in which juxtapositions are made on the basis of color and continuity... a purely objective way of exploring relationships between several images in a single composition. It is out of this objectivity that new ideas emerge, and the compositions are often left open to considerable subjective interpretation on the part of the viewer. 

About this Portfolio
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